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Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Services

At Access, we support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live the life of their choosing, surrounded by the support they need to reach their goals and achieve the greatest level of independence possible.  From 24/7 supervised homes to Self-Direction, Access’s services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are diverse, allowing us to provide support regardless of the complexities a person faces.  Services include:

Family Support Services

Family Support Services are designed to assist families in obtaining OPWDD eligibility for their loved one and providing care for their loved ones who live full-time in their family home. Family Support Services include the following programs:

  • Family Assistance: Family Assistance is for people of any age with developmental disabilities living at home with their families who do not qualify for Medicaid. The Family Assistance provider advocates, provides information, refers, and links people to needed services. Areas of assistance include, but are not limited to: transition from high school to adult services, applying for benefits, information on social and recreational activities, referral to work supports, and establishing eligibility for access to OPWDD services.
  • Family Empowerment Project (FEP): The Family Empowerment Project (FEP) is a family reimbursement program funded by Family Support Services through OPWDD for families living in Orange and Sullivan Counties. FEP is dedicated to provide funding for goods and services that assist families in providing for the individual’s care and which are not available through Medicaid or other funding mechanisms. Some examples of reimbursed purchases include: music lessons, a specialized pool heater, and adaptive tools.
24/7 Supervised Community Residences

Our Supervised Residential Programs provide warm and caring homes to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Programs are certified by the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD), and staffed 24/7 to provide person-centered supports.

Community Habilitation (Com Hab)

Community Habilitation is a service for people with OPWDD eligibility (Office for People with Developmental Disabilities) who live at home in Orange or Sullivan County. Com Hab is designed to offer skills training in every day community settings to promote independence and community integration.

Day Habilitation

The Day Habilitation program, offered throughout Orange County, partners with adults living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The program works to link each person with the best individualized supports and activities that maximize their independence, personal productivity, and community connections. The schedule of daily activities and services is based on personal preferences, valued outcomes and life dreams, and assessment of needs created during semi-annual collaboration meetings with the individual, the family, and other service providers.

Adults in our Day Habilitation program have access to clinical and nursing supports while they are engaged in a learning environment that takes place at site based and community settings. Utilizing the arts, computers, and volunteering, the program aims to deliver and grow diverse independent living skills.

Respite Services

Respite supports people age 4 and up, authorized through the NYS Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. The program provides supervision to ensure the safety of individuals while allowing the parents/guardians a therapeutic break from daily care for their loved one.