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Our Commitment to Diversity

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI):

ACCESS: Supports for Living, Inc. and its affiliates are guided by a mission which recognizes the diverse needs of staff and the individuals in the community and includes the promotion of cultural equality. As our beliefs state: “We work towards a world in which no one is marginalized. We envision richly diverse communities that are welcoming to all. We work to strengthen supports in the community, promote the inclusion of individuals with differences in every walk of life and help people overcome challenges.” Our commitment to those we support and our diverse and growing team is that we do the work necessary to create an agency reflective of these beliefs and that we hold ourselves accountable.

We also acknowledge that this governing principle does not, on its own, create systems and programs within our greater Access family that are truly equitable for everyone. As we continue to navigate cultural climates that do not mirror back this same commitment, we work to establish within our organization practices, policies, and programs that truly reflect DEI tenants.

Overseen by an internal team, our Cultural Strategic Plan provides a foundation for our organization to respect and respond to the cultural and linguistic needs of the community and all stakeholders including employees; to be inclusive of age, gender, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, and socioeconomic status. The plan includes the development of training, protocols and procedures to enhance the understanding, appreciation and respect for differences and similarities in beliefs, values and practices within and between cultures. The plan also highlights areas throughout the agency where changes and improvements can be made to increase equity, access, and inclusion.