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The Access: Supports for Living Foundation, Inc., is a separate not for profit organization formed to support the mission of Access: Supports for Living, Inc. and its affiliates. The Access: Supports for Living Foundation is advised and guided by an esteemed volunteer Board of Directors guided by our shared vision of Access for All.

Committed to the world view of Rewarding Lives Healthy Communities by building financial support through connecting people to the meaningful work of Access and its affiliates; the Access Foundation Board is fully supportive of the mission and work of the Greater Access network. In summary, the Foundation supports the person- centered model of Access and its affiliates which ensures people today and in the future obtain high quality services to live happy and fulfilling lives.

True to the founding families, Access generates revenue by employing people with disabilities through Access Business Solutions; its product manufacturing and service division.  While this revenue helps, there is still a financial burden for Access to fill the funding gap.

The support received from generous donations, planned gifts, and special events meets the needs for today and for the future.  Our donors are critical lifelines in helping to fill these financial burdens and they help build our future so that every child, adult, and family who needs services is supported. 

Access: Supports for Living Foundation Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. 20-5404423 and has earned a Guidestar Gold Seal of Transparency.