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Welcome to an organization devoted to the health of the people and communities of the Hudson Valley.

Our mission is to help people live the healthiest and fullest lives possible, and our first priority is those who live with the challenges associated with developmental disabilities and behavioral health issues.

We are now a new entity incorporating the talents and passions of four separate agencies. We are enriched by the distinct contributions of each and inspired by the reputation for excellence that all share.

We summarize our worldview in four words: Rewarding lives, healthy communities. We work toward a world in which no one is marginalized because they are different and our communities are richly diverse and welcoming to all.

We understand that innovation is critical to our mission. We also never forget that change is no easier for organizations than it is for individuals. In order to evolve and become catalysts for others, we encourage openness to new ideas and approaches in every aspect of our organization.

We will be leaders. That is not only a promise about how we work but also how we connect and collaborate with others, which is becoming more important all the time. We are committed to being open to the new possibilities that…

We work hard at working smart. That includes using data to inform our work, making outcomes measurement part of our approach and integrating technology thoughtfully to help us offer better care at lower cost. Our work is informed by the rigor and…

We are committed to being a vital resource for the entire Hudson Valley. We work to strengthen supports in the community, promote the inclusion of individuals with differences in every walk of life and to help vulnerable people overcome…

We look forward. We are informed and inspired by what is happening around us, from emergent insights about brain and body to new understandings of concepts such as disability, dementia and illness. We see extraordinary new opportunities in the insights.

We are an organization evolving and innovating at a time of extraordinary changes in the world around us. Working here involves being exposed to new approaches and being part of a process of discovery and growth. We always want to be willing to question everything…


Our story begins in 1963, when a group of parents founded the agency that would become Access: Supports for Living. They were parents of children with disabilities, united in a belief that their children had both the desire and ability to work, contribute, and lead meaningful lives in the community. They were, at the time, radicals.  

Fast forward to today. Those parents laid the foundation for an organization in constant motion called Access: Supports for Living. Access provides a myriad of services to more than 17,000 adults and children each year by removing barriers to independence and wellness linked to intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health, substance use, poverty, and interaction with the child welfare or family court system. Addressing systemic issues thoughtfully with over 2,000 members of the Access team, the organization is leading the charge in helping members of the Greater Hudson Valley community lead the fullest and healthiest lives possible.

And we’re just getting started. As the Access network grows into Albany, Westchester, New York City, and Long Island, we continue to combine resources, strengthen our talents, learn from our affiliates, and gain more skills to be able to better serve New Yorkers. Our untapped talents are only just being discovered and we look forward to the unchartered waters that lie ahead as we aim to support more people in their journey to health and happiness. 

After nearly six decades, Access remains steadfastly guided by the values of our founding families and their belief that nobody should be marginalized – that each person has a place in our community and plays an important role in enriching the lives of each of us. We know that every person, adult or child, can realize their potential if surrounded and encouraged by meaningful support

What has changed and evolved in our ongoing commitment to learn more about not only the people we serve, but our diverse and talented staff. Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accountability can be found on our website (LINK), and we intend to continue to roll out resources and tools that we hope you find helpful in your practice of tolerance, acceptance, and understanding.