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Our Commitment to Compliance

Access: Supports for Living Inc. has designed a system of quality services on the principles of mutual respect, unwavering honesty, and strong relationships that are built on a foundation of personal and professional integrity.  We work to strengthen supports in the community, promote inclusion of individuals with differences in every walk of life, and help people overcome challenges. Our commitment includes delivering value to the people we serve, its volunteers, employees, contributors, contractors, vendors, and the community; as well as upholding an effective compliance program which exceeds industry standards.

The compliance program reflects the agency’s commitment to operating in accordance not only with the requirements of the law, but also in a manner that is consistent with high ethical and professional standards. Access: Supports for Living Inc. recognizes that instances of non-compliance may occur. Therefore, Access staff are required and encouraged to report any actual or suspected illegal, unethical, or improper conduct to their supervisor.  There may be instances where Access staff are uncertain or uncomfortable about reporting an issue.   The Access Compliance Voice Mailbox is available as a method for the reporting of possible violations when the regular channels of communication may be ineffective based on the above circumstances. Whether the non-compliance is a result of an innocent mistake or planning and intent, it is important that the matter is brought to the attention of someone who can act to correct the situation.

The Compliance Voice Mailbox (845-692-4454 extension 3333) which can accommodate anonymous reporting, maintains open lines of communication for the reporting of suspected improper activity.  The Compliance Voice Mailbox is available to patients and their families, staff as well as contractors, and vendors.